Preventative Screenings in Palm Harbor

Skin Cancer Prevention Can Make a World of Difference doctor-examination

Our team of skin doctors knows that the surest way to finding a cure for skin diseases is early detection. We recommend that all of our patients undergo routine home skin examinations that can detect anything unusual that needs to be addressed sooner rather than later. If you believe you have signs of skin cancer, don't hesitate to contact our skin doctors in Hudson, Florida at Hamill Dermatology. Furthermore, we recommend all of our patients to undergo a total body skin exam by one of our accomplished dermatologists at least once a year. These methods can save lives and make skin treatment much more effective.

When conducting a self-examination on your skin you should look for:

  • New moles or growths
  • Existing moles or growths that begin to grow or change
  • Lesions that change or itch
  • Lesions that bleed or don’t heal

To learn more or schedule an appointment with a dermatologist, contact our offices at:​

  • Palm Harbor: (727) 772-7360
  • Hudson: (727) 862-8561

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