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The United States is facing a big dilemma in the form of skin cancer, which the American Academy of Dermatology predicts will result in over one million new cases of the disease just this year. The biggest cause of skin cancer is, of course, excessive sun exposure which leads to ultraviolet radiation damaging the skin. Our team at Hamill Dermatology is dedicated to promoting sun safety, educating our patients about the different types of skin cancer, and ultimately creating a dialogue about the disease that will help everyone going forward. We aim to be a resource that can help you better understand this disease so that you can make the best types of lifestyle choices going forward.

In order to better understand skin cancer, learn more about:

  • Warning signs: There are several indicators to look out for on moles and lesions that appear on your skin. Check out some of our photos of moles that show signs of cancerous growth. In particular, pay attention to the edges.
  • Early detection: A simple routine body inspection can go a long way in catching skin cancer early in order to give you a wider range of more effective treatment options.
  • Basal cell: This is the most common time of skin cancer and has several effective methods of treatment. Often times, surgery is required to fully eradicate basal cell carcinomas.
  • Malignant melanoma: Malignant melanoma develops on the skin of 32,000 American annually and is estimated to take the lives of 6,800 people per year. It is one of the most aggressive forms of skin cancer.
  • Squamous cell: Often found on the rim of the ear, face, lips, and mouth, squamous cell cancer often looks like red scaly patches. It eventually develops into large masses and can also be deadly.

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